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PlushCare All 50 States

PlushCare Now Covers All 50 States

October 11, 2018

PlushCare has finally gone nationwide and now serves all 50 states & Washington DC via online doctors. The company is dedicated to providing patients all over the US with high-quality medical care done 100% online. Read this article to learn all about this recent expansion and how it will help people get urgent and primary care without leaving their homes.

MyLab Box At Home Testing Kit box

myLab Box At-Home Testing Kit – What’s Inside It?

September 25, 2018

myLab Box at-home STD testing kits are finally here! We are unboxing both the male and female versions of the Safe Box 5-panel testing kit to show you what you can expect once they reach your doorstep. Find out more about the contents of the kits in this dedicated article.

MyLAB Box V-Box

myLAB Box Introduces New Test Panel

August 2, 2018

MyLAB Box has introduced its latest testing panel that screens for the most common causes of abnormal vaginal discharge. The test is called V-Box and covers everything from chlamydia and gonorrhea to yeast and bacterial vaginosis. Read our dedicated article to learn more about this new testing option and discover how it can help you with your problems.

Hepatitis A Vaccine Cost

Hepatitis A Vaccine Cost

July 31, 2018

Hepatitis A vaccination is crucial if you’re planning on visiting less developed countries that still haven’t dealt with this infection in any major way. If so, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the prices of high-quality solutions coming from reputable manufacturers. Read this article to learn everything about hepatitis A vaccine cost.

Why Is Gonorrhea Called The Clap?

Why Is Gonorrhea Called The Clap?

July 25, 2018

Gonorrhea is often referred to as “the clap” or “the drip.” While the second nickname is pretty self-explanatory, very few people know why the STD is called ”the clap.” Read this article to check out the most popular theories behind gonorrhea’s most commonly used nickname.

Can You Get Herpes From A Toilet Seat?

Can You Get Herpes From A Toilet Seat?

July 24, 2018

Home toilets and public restrooms are brimming with all types of viruses and bacteria that can survive up to a couple of weeks outside of the human body, just waiting for an unsuspecting host to pick them up. Read this article to learn whether herpes is one of them and whether you can contract this STD from a toilet seat.

How Accurate Are STD Tests?

How Accurate Are STD Tests?

July 20, 2018

Accuracy is the most important part of STD testing. False positives can literally ruin your life and false negatives can leave you defenseless against some of the most insidious sexually transmitted diseases that can cause cancer, infertility, and even death. Read this article to learn all about the accuracy percentages of the STD tests at your disposal.

How Soon After Unprotected Sex Can I Test For STDs?

How Soon After Unprotected Sex Can I Test For STDs?

July 16, 2018

Knowing the exact incubation period of a certain sexually transmitted infection is the difference between having accurate results and ending up with false positives/negatives. Read this informative post to learn all about the timeframes relevant for the most common STDs in the US and what to do if you test positive for one or more of them.

Is Hepatitis B Contagious

Is Hepatitis B Contagious?

July 11, 2018

Hepatitis B is one of the most dangerous iterations among the five known hepatitis viruses. If left undetected and untreated, it can cause severe health issues and ultimately result in the death of the infected individual. Read this article to learn if hepatitis B is contagious or not and how to minimize your potential exposure to this insidious disease.

Syphilis Symptoms In Men

Syphilis Symptoms In Men

July 10, 2018

Syphilis is a very contagious and dangerous sexually transmitted disease that can remain in your system for decades without ever presenting a single symptom. In cases when infected individuals do develop symptoms, they can easily be mistaken for something else. Read this article to learn how to recognize syphilis symptoms in men.

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