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UPDATED Nov. 2019
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Trichomoniasis or “trich” (pronounced “trick”) is one of the most common STDs in the US, with 3-5 million new infections occurring every year. Since many of the infected individuals never exhibit any symptoms, it is essential to screen for trichomoniasis after every potential exposure to the disease. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with a list of the best options currently on the market and give you all the information necessary to choose the optimal solution to protect yourself and your partner from this elusive STD.

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MyLAB Box is an at-home provider of STD testing solutions centered on the direct-to-customer approach. It offers testing solutions for the most common infections in all 50 states in the US.
  • At-home testing procedure with a very rich testing portfolio
  • The test kits are entirely made in the US by leading experts
  • Professional team and CLIA-certified testing laboratories
Personalabs offers a plethora of different testing solutions allowing its customers to get reliable, quick, and affordable personal health information without dealing with doctors or insurance.
  • More than 300 testing options and over 2,300 testing centers
  • The company also provides discreet STD testing for minors
  • Consultations and prescriptions from experienced doctors
Any Lab Test Now is a franchise-based testing provider with 160+ stores independently ran and operated all across the US. It provides a plethora of different tests at very affordable prices.
  • Direct access lab testing with numerous screening options
  • Budget-friendly prices without any hidden or surprise bills
  • Quick and convenient testing procedures with fast results
EverlyWell is a direct-to-customer provider of different testing solutions designed to equip you with all the relevant information about your overall health and wellness.
  • High-quality testing kit delivered to your home address
  • Expertly curated tests and simple testing procedures
  • CLIA-certified laboratories and a good privacy policy
Private iDNA is a provider of at-home STD testing solutions focused on affordable testing bundles, which allow users to get information about their health quickly.
  • Convenient testing bundles for the most common STD in the US
  • Fully accredited laboratories and FDA-approved testing kits
  • Discreet shipping and packaging with confidential results

Ranking Criteria Explained

In order to better understand our review process and easily choose the right testing provider for your needs, we’ve introduced a set of criteria that allow for a completely objective ranking system.

The criteria are divided into two subsets, one focusing on test-related factors and the other focusing on factors that decidedly influence customer experience and satisfaction. The first subset includes the key criteria of testing quality and accuracy. Additional factors that fall into this section include staff competency and lab certifications.

The second, customer-centric criteria subset includes average result times, client support quality, and the level of privacy and security provided, as well as the price-to-quality ratio and available payment options.

Trichomoniasis testing providers under scrutiny receive points on each of these criteria and get additional points for extra features and tools they may offer to their clients. The highest-rated options are featured on our list of the best trichomoniasis tests currently available on the market.

Our Top Picks

Our list of recommended STD testing options comprises of providers that received the highest scores throughout our ranking process. Read the following mini-reviews to learn more about our top picks and their testing options.

Our #1 pick

myLAB Box

The First True At-Home STD Testing Company
Our Rating: 9.5/10

MyLAB Box homepage

My LAB Box incorporates the direct-to-customer business model rather than featuring physical testing centers. The company was founded in 2013 in Los Angeles, California, and it ships its testing kits to all 50 states in the US. Its main goal is to provide convenient, simple, and budget-friendly screening options for the most common STDs in the US.

MyLAB Box features 4 different options for trichomoniasis testing, including the single test (79.00$), Uber Box, which is an 8-panel home STD test (269.00$), Total Box, which is a 14-panel STD test (369.00 – 399.00$), and Love Box, which is an 8-panel test intended for couples (499.00$). The test results are available within 2-5 business days.

Price: $79.00
Our #2 pick


Your Personal Health Care Hub
Our Rating: 8.8/10

Personalabs homepage

Personalabs is a veritable health hub for all individuals who want to avoid the hassle of going through doctors and insurance companies in order to receive accurate and reliable health analyses. It was launched back in 2006 with the single goal of providing its customers with a convenient, quick, budget-friendly, and reliable source of personal health information. The company features more than 2,300 testing centers nationwide.

Personalabs currently offers only one trich testing option (intended for males only) at a price of 115.00$. The test is called Trichomonas vaginalis RNA, Qualitative, TMA – TC – 90801 and it uses a urine sample. It is, therefore, recommended not to urinate one hour prior to sample collection. The results are usually ready within 2-10 days.

Price: $115.00
Our #3 pick

Any Lab Test Now

Any Lab Test You Can Possibly Imagine
Our Rating: 8.4/10

Any Lab Test Now homepage

Any Lab Test Now is an STD testing provider based on the franchising business model with more than 160 independently ran and operated stores nationwide. It was founded in 2007 after Any Test Franchising Inc. got the rights to franchise the concept.

The company offers trichomoniasis testing segregated into male and female iterations. The price is listed as “variable” (depending on your location) and the final report is usually generated within 1-2 days after your visit to one of the testing centers.

The testing is performed on a randomly collected urine sample. No prior preparations (like fasting) are required, but it’s recommended that the patient doesn’t urinate for at least one hour prior to sample collection. You don’t have to make an appointment before visiting one of the stores and the whole procedure is done very discreetly in just 15 minutes.

Price: $129.00
Our #4 pick


The Most Affordable STD Testing Provider
Our Rating: 7.9/10

EverlyWell homepage

EverlyWell is a company dedicated to health, wellness, digital health, and preventive medicine. It features a wide spectrum of different testing solutions, including STD tests. It was launched in 2015 in Austin, Texas, by Harvard Business School graduate Julia Taylor Cheek.

EverlyWell offers male and female versions of its STD screening panel, with the price for each set at 199.00$. The panel covers the 7 most common STDs in the US, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, hep C, syphilis, HSV type 2, HIV, and, of course, trichomoniasis. The male panel requires a blood spot and urine sample whereas the female panel requires a blood spot and vaginal swab. The test results are available in 5 business days or less. If you test positive, a board-certified physician will contact you to discuss your case at no additional charge. The company also features an individual trichomoniasis test at a price of 69.00$.

Price: $69.00
Our #5 pick

Private iDNA

STD Testing Clinic In Your Own Home
Our Rating: 7.7/10

Private iDNA test

Private iDNA is another respectable at-home STD testing company launched in 2016 in Dallas, Texas. It’s best known for its affordable and convenient testing bundles designed to provide its users with screening for the most common STDs in the US without breaking the bank. 

With Private iDNA, you can opt for a single trichomoniasis test (68.00$), which uses urine samples for males and vaginal swabs for females. The test utilizes the strand displacement amplification technology to detect the infection. You can also choose one of the bundles that include trich testing, namely the Common bundle (3 tests – 98.00$), the Complete bundle (7 tests – 198.00$), and the Comprehensive bundle (10 tests – 298.00$). The results are usually available within 2-7 business days.

Price: $68.00


Currently, experts think that trichomoniasis cannot be passed on through hugging or kissing, sharing plates, cutlery or cups, and toilet seats. Since experts are not quite sure about how you can get infected, the previous information should be taken with a grain of salt. One of the most common sources of the infection is the shared use of sex toys, so using a condom during sex and washing your sex toys after use will help you minimize the possibility of contracting this disease.

As we already mentioned, trichomoniasis doesn’t cause any symptoms in many infected individuals, but we’ll still mention the most prominent ones in order to paint a better picture of the overall experience. In women, the infection may cause an abnormal vaginal discharge (thin, thick, frothy, yellow-green in color…), the overproduction of vaginal discharge with an unpleasant smell, soreness, itching, and swelling around the vagina and sometimes the inner thighs, and discomfort or pain when having sex or urinating. In men, the infection can cause pain during ejaculation or urination, more frequent urination, thin white penile discharge, redness, swelling, and soreness around the foreskin and head of the penis.

If left untreated, trichomoniasis can increase the risk of contracting other STDs, especially HIV. Pregnant women are very likely to have a preterm delivery and give birth to babies with low birth weight (usually under 5.5 pounds). Once diagnosed, the infection can be easily treated with tinidazole or metronidazole, which are also safe to take during pregnancy.

In this exhaustive guide, we’ve provided you with a full list of the best trichomoniasis tests and hope you will use this information to make some good decisions in the future, including screening after every potential exposure and keeping your sexual health at optimal levels at all times.

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