How We Score

In order to uphold our policy of complete objectivity, we separated our research and financial departments. In other words, our researchers and reviewers are not aware of any financial repercussions of their work. This allows them to remain impartial at all times and avoid bias based on the possibility of any financial gain.

When it comes to our rating factors, they include essential quality determinants, such as turnaround times, service quality, testing locations, privacy and security levels, and value for money. Needless to say, these aspects are always carefully calibrated to adequately reflect different types of STD tests.

Apart from rating every service we review individually, we also compare it to similar options on the market, which allows us to obtain a parallel overview of related products and see how they fare against each other.

Our reviews, top lists, and comparison charts are regularly updated as to mirror the current situation on the market. This, of course, means our scores are also subject to change either due to the introduction of superior products or service deterioration.

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