Our Research

Research never stops here at Top10STDTests. Whether we are updating our existing content or presenting new viable options to our readers, we are constantly focused on providing you with the best STD testing solutions for your specific needs.

Our research process begins with the testing provider itself and covers its BBB rating, available draw centers, testing procedure, FDA approvals, relevant certifications, testing hours, payment options, doctor consultations, availability of care advisors, and much more.

Then, we focus our attention on the actual testing portfolio and its potential reach. At-home STD tests are not ideal for in-house testing since they can only demonstrate their full accuracy and reliability if you actually have an STD. Therefore, we obtain our data by cross-referencing peer-reviewed scientific publications with user feedback available online. We also aim to collect as many personal experiences from our readers as we can.

Apart from information-rich product reviews and thought-provoking blogs, we also compile comparison charts for related services and share the latest news regarding relevant providers, new testing panels, convenient features, interesting projects, and medical breakthroughs in general.

Note that we pay great attention to the privacy and security levels offered by every company whose services we review. This includes physical and digital security measures that safeguard your personal data (including test results) but also the level of anonymity and comfort provided during the testing process. We also explore the types of personal information every company collects and how it intends to use it in the future.

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