LetsGetChecked Releases Test For COVID-19

April 15, 2020

LetsGetChecked announced the release of its new two-part test for coronavirus that immediately shows the presence or absence of COVID-19. The test will be administered under the supervision of medical professionals, followed by additional laboratory testing for confirmation. 

For the time being, this test is only available in the US. It was introduced on March 30, 2020, and distributed to healthcare workers who are tirelessly working on the first lines of defense against coronavirus.

The test consists of two parts. The first part offers instant point-of-care (POC) results while the second part requires lab-based confirmation that takes between 1-2 days. To help expand its testing capacity, LetsGetChecked invested millions of dollars into developing a new US-based CLIA high-complexity testing lab.

The company agreed to deliver 250,000 tests in the first order, with plans to distribute over one million tests over the next few months. It is collaborating with other private laboratories to deliver tests for European countries as soon as possible.

The LetsGetChecked two-part coronavirus test is the first test that provides instant point-of-care (POC) results, after which swab samples, both oral and nasal, are sent to further laboratory analysis. The test is designed to minimize users’ exposure to critical masses in appointed testing facilities by allowing them to be tested at home or somewhere else by trained professionals. 

LetsGetChecked develops at-home tests that are sold online or through retail chains, but due to the severity of the situation, the first shipment of the two-part coronavirus tests will be sold exclusively to healthcare workers and at-risk groups.

The company is working alongside the FDA to have an emergency use application (EUA) approved so it can provide home testing as well. The test kit intended for public use will only contain the laboratory test for nasal and throat swabs and it will be available for purchase through LetsGetChecked.com, with a limit of one kit per order. The price of the test will be $129, which will cover the cost of testing, express return shipping, lab work, doctor review, nursing support, and access to an IOS app where online results will be available. 

Here is how the two-part test works.

The first part of the test is a swift blood test that shows if the patient is positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection. The results are ready in 15 minutes using a POC device that works like a pregnancy test. The test immediately shows if the patient is positive for the virus. 

Part two of the LetsGetChecked coronavirus test includes lab analysis of throat and nasal cavity swabs used to confirm the first results. Once the samples arrive at the company’s CLIA certified lab, LetsGetChecked tests the swabs using the highest standard for SARS-CoV-2 virus confirmation testing, Real-Time PCR.

The two-part LetsGetChecked coronavirus test includes online support from medical professionals equipped to handle individual consultation requirements. Positive coronavirus cases will be handled under local, state, and federal regulations.

CEO and Founder of LetsGetChecked, Peter Foley, gave a statement announcing that the company will dedicate all of its resources to fight COVID-19 and help people during the pandemic. 

According to Dr. Robert Mordkin, the chief medical officer for LetsGetChecked, the best way to fight the virus is to take necessary precautions to stop it from spreading. LetsGetChecked testing kit will provide a safe way for people to get tested at home, lowering the chance of infecting medical staff who are putting their lives at risk every day. 

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