Confidential STD Tests

June 20, 2018

If you suspect recent exposure to STDs but do not want to talk about it with your doctor or wait in a room full of people at a free clinic, you are definitely not alone. Unfortunately, millions of people do not get tested for STDs due to embarrassment. This may leave them exposed to numerous health conditions, including brain damage, infertility, cancer, and even death. 

Regrettably, many infected individuals are not aware of the possibility to get tested for STDs from the privacy of their own homes, which eliminates the awkward talk which physicians and bypasses the crowded waiting rooms. There are also private walk-in labs that facilitate the entire process by keeping the reason for your visit a secret. As far as the other visitors are concerned, you are there for your regular blood work. Reputable at-home STD testing companies also safeguard your identity and personal data, which means your test results will not enter your medical record. 

Confidential STD Tests

Best Confidential STD Tests

As you already might have noticed, we differentiate between walk-in labs and at-home STD tests. Both options include processing samples in a professional lab, which ensure maximum accuracy, but they differ in terms of the sample collection process. With the first solution, you go to a testing center to provide your sample (but you do not have to tell the staff at the front desk why you came to the center). With the second option, you collect your sample at home and mail it back to the lab for processing.

Let us now take a look at the best providers of confidential STD tests in the country: 

  • STDcheck is an A+ BBB-certified STD testing service from Houston, Texas. It offers 13 different testing options and over 4,500 test centers nationwide. The company follows HIPPA requirements to the letter and protects your personal information from any unsolicited access or abuse.  
  • Any Lab Test Now is a franchise-based STD testing company that goes above and beyond to ensure the complete privacy and comfort of its users. It offers five different STD testing solutions and features more than 160 store locations. 
  • STD Test Express is a BBB-certified company founded in 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. It tests for all common STDs and features thousands of certified labs in 52 states and 96 cities.
  • Personalabs offers quite a lot of different tests, available at over 2,300 testing locations all over the US. The company will never disclose your personal info to anyone and it will protect your data from any potential abuse or unsolicited access. 

These are all excellent companies that can help you find out if you have an STD, so do not feel ashamed to take control of your sexual health and get tested as soon as possible.

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