STD Testing Result Time

July 25, 2017

Nobody enjoys waiting for test results, ever. This feeling is highly intensified when it comes to STD tests, which you’ll inevitably start exploring after potential exposure to some of the most common sexually transmitted infections currently in the US. Whether your decision to check your sexual health stems from unwanted symptoms or potentially risky behavior, you definitely want your results back as soon as possible. 

STD Testing Result

Turnaround Time Frames

Usual turnaround times depend on numerous factors, mostly on the particular test in question. Some tests take more time to complete due to the implemented methodology of sample processing. Still, we’re talking about relatively short time periods unlike with, let’s say, ancestry DNA testing, which takes several weeks to generate your final report. 

STDcheck and STD Test Express are currently among the best providers available, so we will take their average turnaround times as reference points. STDcheck usually provides results within 1-2 business days, which is the shortest time we were able to find, hands-down. STD Test Express promises results in 3 business days or less, which is still rather impressive. Other companies in the field can take up to 5 days to provide you with your final report. As we already mentioned, the test itself will play a critical role in how fast you get your results. For example, if you order a complex STD panel that screens for 10 different infections, it’ll take a bit longer than any single test. 

Additional Factors

Additional Factors

The business model of your chosen STD testing provider can also play a significant role in the overall turnaround time. If the company follows the direct-to-customer principle, it’ll take longer for it to yield test results. On the other hand, if your provider collects samples in physical testing centers, you’ll receive your results faster, as your sample won’t have to travel from your address to the processing facility.

You also want to check the work hours of the companies you’re interested in. Specifically, you want to check whether they’re open on Saturdays or not. Working Saturdays can help you save time in a lot of ways. Primarily, you won’t have to wait until Monday if your results arrive on Saturday. Secondly, you can visit the test center on Saturday if its shifts don’t match well with your working hours.

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